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1.  Keep your new tattoo bandaged for 2-12 hours

(depending on your artist's recommendation)

2.  Wash your hands before removing your bandage. wash tattoo       with warm water and anti-bacterial soap. Your tattoo should be         cleaned until it is no longer slimy or glazed.

3.  Pat tattoo dry. Do not rub. let your tattoo air dry for at least 10 minutes

4.  Apply a VERY light coat of ointment (whatever your artist recommends). Clean your tattoo with this procedure 3-5 times per day. Remember to always wash your hands before cleaning your tattoo, and reapplying ointment.

5.  After 3 days, stop using ointment and switch to an unscented lotion or cream. Clean tattoo before applying lotion. Apply lotion

3-5 times a day, or more if needed.

-Repeat procedure until tattoo is no longer dry or shiny-

-  DO NOT expose tattoo to direct sunlight for 2 weeks, or until tattoo is healed.

- DO NOT pick or scratch your new tattoo. this will cause damage to your skin and to the design. if your tattoo itches, apply lotion or cream

-DO NOT soak your new tattoo in water for at least two weeks, or until healed. If you exercise, purchase clean wipes to have with you. Gyms can be dirty places and your tattoo can easily become contaminated. Clean your new tattoo as needed.

-  To preserve your tattoo once healed, apply SPF to your tattoo if exposed to the sun for long periods of time.


If issues arise during the healing process, consult your artist. If problems persist, contact your physician 

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